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Over 24 years of guaranteed pest control in Rochester, N.Y.

About Innovative Pest Management Corp

Innovative Pest Management Corp offers exterminating and pest control services to families and businesses in the Greater Rochester, NY Area. We employ a great many common sense techniques. We recognize that each situation may require special attention, whether it’s protecting your child’s school or daycare or making sure that your favorite restaurant is pest free. Our qualified staff will deliver the most effective and least obtrusive pest control methods specific to your needs.

Innovative Pest Management Corp has been serving the Rochester area since 2014. Our Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy worked for years for a national pest control company. Although very successful, he saw too many instances when the best solution was avoided for the most profitable. Furthermore, he realized that every region of the country has unique pest problems that need to be addressed with their own solutions. He saw that this even varied within the county. But the larger national companies seemed to have the “one size fits all” mentality. While their chemical invasion techniques worked on a regular basis, they often only treated the visible pest and left the true problem alone. It was from his insight that he created a company focused on the customer, not the company. The company that he created was Fresh Air Pest Control, Inc. In 2015, Mr. Brayboy closed the doors to Fresh Air Pest Control because he no longer wanted to deal with the business end of running a company but instead wanted to focus more on developing new and innovative pest management techniques.

Over the years, Kennedy Brayboy has helped to develop integrated pest management programs for many recognizable names:

  1. Several School Districts
  2. Monroe County
  3. Exxon-Mobil Chemical
  4. Village of East Rochester and
  5. Wegmans Food Market

Just to name a few. Let us help you to develop a program that will provide you with a solution that will give peace of mind. 

Kennedy Brayboy, Sales and Service Manager of Innovative Pest Management Corp
Innovative Pest Management Corp in Rochester NY

Do you have a pest problem?  We'll fix it. Guaranteed.

Do you have a pest problem?  We'll fix it. Guaranteed.