The beginning of the cold months has caused diverse animal activities in the environment. Some begin with long migrations to warmer places, others go on with hibernation, and there are also quite a lot of those which will start sneaking in our homes for shelter and protection against the cold. Be proactive with winter pest control this season so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise in spring!

Winter Pest Control Concerns

There are a few pests you can expect to take refuge in your home during the winter. Rats and mice, roaches, termites, ants, bed bugs, and other overwintered pests would like nothing more than to settle inside your home. Rodents are warm-blooded animals, meaning they won’t survive the cold weather outside and desperately seek shelter, warmth, and food. All things your house can provide. They will nest in wall voids, sheds, or even in old cabinets. The risks of having these pests are the possible damage to your electrical wirings, food contamination, and infection due to bites and scratches. Rats and mice, squirrels, and birds are the main problem pests exclusive to winter pest control concerns, while bugs and insects are a threat year-round. 

Winter Pest Control

Winterizing Your Home

There are several ways to guard your home against unwanted pests such as house mice and rats. Being proactive can help prevent rat nests, infestations, or even the occasional visitor passing through. No one wants to see mice scurrying through their living room, hear gnawing sounds coming from their walls, or find droppings in their cabinets and drawers. To help discourage pests, keep your home clean, seal any possible entrances, seal your entrances, remove water sources, and insulate your home with pest control insulation. While rodents can enter even the cleanest of homes, if you keep your house clean they will be less likely to come in and stay. Package all of your food in sealable containers to keep food sources unavailable for your unwanted guests as well as fixing leaky pipes, roofing, and gutters. Standing water is a hotspot for all kinds of pests and will feed into an infestation. While being proactive in preventive winter pest control, it does not substitute the watchful eye of a professional. Innovative Pest Control is just the partner you need for winter pest and year-around residential and commercial pest control plans. Call today to ensure your home stays pest-free!

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