With the change in season imminent, now is the perfect time to check out our fall season service at Innovative Pest Management. Even if certain pests go away during autumn, there are still some you have to keep an eye out for. Through our four seasonal service packages, you can expect that no pest will be bothering you any time of the year.

With our Basic Seasonal Service, you can expect to see our team treat the exterior of your home in the spring, summer, and finish up with the fall season. This will be to make sure that common pests in our area stay away from your home entirely. After fall, you can expect an interior treatment for the winter months.

Following that is our Standard Seasonal Service, which provides the same treatment with the exception of a more extensive fall treatment. This is because not only do we tackle the typical pests covered in the basic package, we also focus on overwintering pests that can get into your home during the fall, such as stink bugs, cluster flies, and boxelder bugs.

The fall months also include our Outdoor Pests Seasonal Service, which begins in May and goes throughout mid-October. Every three weeks, our team will come to tackle any pests that can make time outdoors tough. Whether it be mosquitoes or ticks, our exterior treatments will tackle foliage where pests might hide.

Just because it is no longer summer does not mean you can still be up on your pest management. To find out more about our seasonal pest services, head over to our contact page to get in touch with our team at Innovative Pest Management today.

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