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At Innovative Pest Management, our expert pests and bee exterminators can handle any pest control services you could encounter. Services include pest control, bees and wasps control and removal, bed bugs control, bird control, cockroaches control, boxelder bugs removal, rodents control, ants control, and more.

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RId you of Ants

Getting rid of ants begins with properly identifying the pest. Once the ant has been identified, we begin our inspection outside, after all, that is where the ant began its journey. We inspect for conducive conditions and cultural change that can aid in the pest control process. We will make you aware of factors in your environment that allow ants to thrive. A custom program will be created based on your particular ant and environment.

Ants in our Region

Although there are several thousand species of ants, we are lucky to have only a few in our region that are considered pests. The three most common ants that we will find in our homes are the carpenter ant, the pavement ant, and odorous house ants. We occasionally see other species, but these are the most common. The pavement ant and odorous house ants are nuisance ants but do not cause any property damage. However, the carpenter ant is a different story. It costs homeowners more money in damage each year than termites do. They do not do the damage nearly as fast, but when homeowners ignore them or attempt their own control methods.

Pavement Ants:

Odorous House Ants:

Carpenter Ants:

Do You Have Bedbugs?

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Bed bugs had been largely eliminated from the United State by the middle of the last century because of the widespread use of pesticides. Since then, many of those products have been named from the market such as DDT and chlordane, because even though they were deadly to the insects, there were undesirable effects to other organisms, including people. Bed bugs started garnering attention in the United States again in the early to mid-90’s. Some of the factors that have contributed are the amount of increased international travel that the people of the world are engaging in. Secondly, the pest control industry has changed with the support of manufacturers, We used to be an industry that believed in “spraying” everywhere we could, rather than an industry that is more “insect-specific” and our treatments are much more targeted in placement and pests to be controlled.

Learn About How You Can Treat a Bed Bug Infestation Yourself

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs, Chemical Free, In 24 Hours

With Our Do It Yourself Options

Use our ZappBug Room™ to exterminate your bed bugs without the expense of hiring a professional. Large items such as beds and couches can be placed inside the ZappBug Room™ and heated to a temperature of 120 degrees that will exterminate all stages of bed bugs. There is no need to pretreat infested items with bed bug sprays, powders, or other harmful pesticides. The ZappBug Room™ kills 100% of all bed bugs, in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs, and adults as a non-toxic and all-natural bed bug killer.

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Rent ZappBugg™ Room

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Rent a Vapamore For A Chemically Free Deep Clean

Worried about items that don’t go into the ZappBug™ Room? That’s where the Vapamore steamer takes over producing steam that reaches a temperature of 210-220 degrees – 120 degrees is needed to exterminate bed bugs. You can treat all the cracks and crevices of your room that bed bugs like to hide in and change attachments and treat large areas like your carpets with bed bug exterminating heat.

Vapamore 100

Keep control over

Nuisance Wildlife

Some known nuisances include groundhogs, woodpeckers, opossums, deer, and mice. A key to controlling wildlife damage is prompt and accurate determination of which animal is causing the damage. After proper identification, several different practical methods can be exercised for your unique situation to ensure proper extraction and limit re-infestation.