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Seasonal Pest Control Programs:

After many years in the Rochester, NY pest control industry, Sales and Service Manager Kennedy Brayboy realized that it was in the best interest of his customers to offer seasonal pest control to minimize annoyance and anxiety by pests that you had no desire to share your home with. Innovative Pest Management’s seasonal pest control program is designed with effectiveness and convenience in mind for you and your family. Each of our seasonal pest control programs comes with a year-round warranty.

Basic Seasonal Service

Our basic seasonal service consists of three exterior treatments, one each in the spring, summer, and fall. This program is designed to keep most of the common pests in our area out of your home. Some examples of covered pests are ants, wasps, carpenter bees, centipedes, crickets and other occasional invaders.

Standard Seasonal Service

Our standard seasonal service consists of Three exterior treatments, one in spring, summer, and fall. In addition to all the pests covered in the basic seasonal, you are also protected against overwintering pests such as stink bugs, cluster flies, and boxelder bugs. The fall treatment is much more extensive than the spring and summer to provide protection against overwintering pests.

Natural Seasonal Service

Our natural seasonal service is an exterior application made with an exempt, natural material. This service is every other month beginning in spring when the weather allows, usually March or April. This service is designed for our customers that need insect control but don’t want to use traditional pesticides. Covered pests are the same as the basic seasonal service.

Outdoor pests seasonal service

Our outdoor pests seasonal service is aimed at pests that make being outside unpleasant. Examples of these pests are mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and midges. These are exterior treatments that focus on areas where these insects hide such as beneath the foliage beneath trees and shrubs, high grass and wooded areas. Our outdoor pests is every three weeks beginning in May through mid-October.
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