Bed bugs

Feeling itchy at all? Noticing small little marks on your body? You may be dealing with a case of bed bugs. There is no need to fret, as at Innovative Pest Management, these nuisances are just one of the many pests we can handle for you. Thanks to the widespread use of pesticides, bed bugs were essentially eliminated for the country, but those pesticides, like DDT and chlordane, were harmful for humans, too. This drop off in bed bugs occurred in the middle of the 1900s, but by the 90s’, they had returned thanks in part to international travel increasing. 

At Innovative Pest Management, we offer two DIY options to help tackle your bed bug infestation. The first being the ZappBug Room, a heating area that will take care of your bed bugs with ease. You can heat up almost anything in this, ranging from your furniture to other household items. With custom shelving inside, you can tackle your belongings at your own pace, heating dozens of items at once. With the four ZappBug heaters, those bed bugs will not stand a chance when facing 6000 watts of lethal heat.

But what about the items that do not belong in the ZappBug Room? No need to fear, as you can also rent a Vapamore from us, too! This steamer reaches temperatures of roughly 210-220 degrees. To put that into perspective, the average temperature to eradicate a bed bug is 120 degrees. So if you are thinking that your cracks and crevices are filled with bed bugs, you can treat them with ease using the Vapamore, and you can even change the attachments as you go to tackle different areas.

Want to finally rid yourself of those pesky bed bugs? Get in touch with our team here at Innovative Pest Management via our contact page to find out more about the ZappBug Room and Vapamore today!

Vapamore 100

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