Not every pest control company is equipped for commercial pest control. Some businesses that serve residential clients may not have the professionalism, training, or tools to handle a commercial job.

What Is Commercial Pest Control?

Similar to residential, commercial establishments will also require pest control at regular intervals to tackle the prevailing pest infestation but also need to avoid the pests. It is also important for businesses to maintain sanitary and food regulations and ensure the cleanliness of the environment. That is primarily how commercial and residential pest control services vary. Commercial pest control can involve different pest types, techniques, and treatment types. 

Depending on your business, you’ll see different offending critters. Warehouses can be brought with rats while lumberyards need to be on the lookout for termites. Foodservice establishments should be especially wary of cockroaches and mice alike along with many other varieties of insects that could be a liability to clients. Schools combine food facilities with great dark hiding places, plenty of papers for nest building, and parts that haven’t been touched in ages. All these factors can be inviting despite the heavier than usual foot traffic and could be a hazard to daily learning and student health. 

Some techniques required of commercial pest control also focus on the amplified size of the location, the type of business, and the location. Sensing technology is crucial in identifying problem areas so that the business can return to operation as quickly as possible when pests flee to different areas along the larger property. Because of the vastness included in the premise, it generally involves a variety of unified pest management to offer the best pest control services. Different types of pests will also require different types of removal techniques according to the type of placement of control units.

Commercial Pest Control

What To Consider Before Hiring Commercial Pest Control

Certain factors to consider for your commercial pest control needs that could prove useful information include the life of your property, the type of business, any future plans for the property, and any previous instances of infestation. 

If you’ve recently purchased a run-down property or a property that has been vacant for some time to turn into a business, an inspection and subsequent pest control service may be required. If the business is in an old setup with clear aging indications, concrete cracks, damaged walls, spalling of tiles, broken windows, and old food processing areas susceptible to pests, it’s time to make the call before you start any renovation. These gaps and crevices let the entry of pests into the premises. 

Whether you’ve discovered pests from preemptive property demolition as you prepare to renovate or from visual evidence at surface level, Innovative Pest Management has the skills and equipment to help. With your assistance contacting previous owners (if applicable) for fact-finding, we will gather the scope of the service and deduce what tools to use for effective pest extermination or relocation and offer you fair pricing, with great deals on proactive and preventative pest control measures. Beat the springtime rush as pests come out of hibernation and contact us today! 

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