Spring has sprung and the fluctuating temperatures mean rain, sun, and pests. Bugs and animals are waking up from their winter hibernation and preparing to cause havoc, but which ones do you have to look out for?


Mosquitos are annoying, but that’s not their only problem. One of the main carriers of disease, mosquitos may not put you at risk of certain diseases like malaria in places like New York, but there are still many ways their bite can make you or your pets sick. The CDC especially warns of West Nile virus and Zika virus. While the chance that you’ll contract West Nile virus is small, it’s important to reduce the risk of disease by protecting against mosquito bites. People over 50 are especially at risk of severe disease—even though chances are small, the New York State Department of Health has created a fact sheet designed to protect outdoor workers and individuals often in contact with the outside against this dangerous, encephalitis-causing virus.


A common nuisance for every homeowner, termites are known for their ravenous appetites. From the beginning of spring until winter, termites swarm and cause damage to American wood-frame homes everywhere. Termites should be treated by a professional pest control company and never through DIY processes that may prove to be dangerous and ineffective. If you suspect that termites are making a meal of your home, check for the warning signs: termite mounds, hollow-sounding wood, sagging floors and ceilings, mud tubes on your exterior walls, crumbling wood, and distortion or cracked paint on said crumbling surfaces.

The Springtime Pest - Stink Bugs

While not threatening to your health or your home like mosquitos and termites, bed bugs swarm in masses and can easily take over the inside or outside of your home or business. Stink bugs feed on your garden and smell absolutely terrible if threatened or squished. A major problem in the northeast and especially in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, adult stink bugs normally seek shelter in September or October under shingles, inside air conditioning units, laundry, bedding, curtains, loose siding, and anywhere they can hide away for the cold months. 

springtime pest

Stink bugs stink! Don’t let them take over your home. Hire the pest control professionals at Innovative Pest Management for a fresh scented spring!

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